Display shows:

Attitude, Ground-Speed, Air-Speed, Altitude, Vertical-Speed, Course, Heading, Wind-vector, 3-Navigational-aids, Marker-Beacons, Glide-Slope, Time, Position, Range-Bearing-to-each-navaid

Display image is 2 1/4" Wide x 3" High

240 pixels x 320 pixels

Text characters are 5 x 7 pixels










Controlled by a separate Switch Box that can be mounted anywhere.


6" wide x 2" high x 1 1/4" deep

6 control buttons for OBS, ID, RNAV, DATA, GOTO, and PANIC

2 double knobs to SELECT the field and change VALUES (names and numbers)

2 maintenance buttons





The VIP-Lite provides all of the capability of the VIP in a much smaller, compact form. It will consist of a Compaq iPAQ, a switch box, and a WAAS receiver. If you already have the iPAQ or WAAS receiver, we will be happy to sell you a partial system:

All prices subject to change.


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