Here are the two files which will give you the ability to play Sudoku by either generating a game or copying it from a printed source. If the printed source has more than one solution, it can show up to 1,000 valid solutions.

The program also gives you hints as to what to do next if you get stuck..

Here is a link to the files - Updated 5/11/07 to Version 1.03

Microsoft, in their attempt to protect you against unknown sources of code now blocks programs not know to them. This protection has changed. As of this writing, in order to have both the program and the help features work, you must first download the .zip file to your machine, Then right click on the .zip file and select properties. At the bottom of the properties window, click Unblock. Then say "OK" to exit the properties window and open the .zip file. On the "File" menu (top left) select "Expand All" and follow the instructions to place the files wherever you want them. You may then discard the zip file.

After you start the Sudoku.exe program, put the cursor anywhere on the puzzle,  press "F1", and go right to "Getting Started" for a quick introduction.

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The picture shows Gary before Sudoku





The second picture shows how much younger and happier Gary looked after Sudoku:



Generate Puzzles:

Puzzles each have one of the 36 Trillion possible unique solutions

Provides selection of Novice, Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Genius level of difficulty.

New puzzle could be generated each second for 170 years at each level of difficulty without repeating a puzzle.

You can enter a puzzle manually:

Sudoku lets you know if an entry will result in an unsolvable puzzle.

Sudoku will allow you to enter puzzles with more than one solution (up to 1,000)

Will tell you if puzzle has multiple solutions

Will allow you to step through and view the solutions (up to 1,000)

Working the puzzle:

Can make up to 9 small number notes in each cell along with the large number entry

Clock runs while solving the puzzle

Can pause to answer the phone, eat dinner, etc.

Can save partial solutions ... time and notes are preserved.

Help is available if you get stuck

Crossed off numbers for bad entries (usually turned off)

Hint as to next cell to solve and type of test used to solve it

Generate trace file of method Sudoku used to solve the puzzle

Saving the puzzle

Sequential numbers of file names of .sdk files

Windows will open an .sdk file from directory or e-mail attachment

Print the puzzle - at any stage of it's solution

View and puzzle generation level settings are saved between sessions.

Puzzle window is resizable - size and shape is saved between sessions.

Context sensitive help on all controls.

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